Oban Bulk Blend Odor Neutralizer


Oban Bulk Blend Odor Neutralizer

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Manufacturer: Oban

Manufacturer Part Number: OB50

Spill 911 Part Number: OB50

Product description
Manufacturer: Oban, Manufacturer Part Number: OB50

Oban® is a water based odor neutralizer. It is a blend of non–toxic biodegradable extracts and surfactants that quickly eliminates unpleasant odors without any perfuming. Oban® works by bonding with the molecules of an odor dropping the complex mass to a lower atmospheric level. Approved by the USDA for use in food establishments. Oban® will not contaminate the working environment even if misused or by some form of application apparatus breakdown.

Wastewater plant head–works, clarifiers, filter buildings, activated sludge basins, lift stations, compacting, solid waste facilities, paper and pulp mills, food processing plants and other odor producing facilities. Effective on all organic and industrial odors. 5–Gallon Concentrate can be mixed with a 55–gallon drum of water or bulk blended for atomization.

Masking agents, perfumes, acids, caustics, oxidizing agents, activated charcoal, alcohols and incineration. Oban® can replace or reduce the use of sodium hypochlorite and caustics in scrubbers, removing or eliminating the need for these hazardous and toxic chemicals.

43 lbs.
1 5-Gallon Concentrate

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