Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat - 50 Gallons
UltraTech Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat - 50 Gallons $7,785.71
Manufacturer: UltraTech, Manufacturer Part Number: 4008Ultra–Ever Dry™ SE 7.6.110 is a 2–step, air dry coating that is easily applied by spraying. The base coat is applied to approx. 1.5 mils, allowed 15 minutes or more to flash, and the top coat is then applied. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The system offers superhydrophobic and superoleophobic performance and has been shown to maintain a high level of performance under a variety of conditions and for extended time. The system is useful for non–wetting, for anti–icing, and for corrosion protection. While brushing and dipping are available technologies, spray application has shown the best and most consistent results. This bottom coat comes in a 55 gallon drum. NOTE: Ultra–Ever Dry is a TWO–part system. Both the Bottom Coat and Top Coat must be applied for the product to be effective. To view a video of Ultra-Ever Dry in action click here. Click here to download a complete list of FAQs Click here to download a Specification Sheet Click here to download Product Instructions
Ultra-Mini Sprayer
UltraTech Ultra-Mini Sprayer $31.43
Manufacturer: UltraTech, Manufacturer Part Number: 4122The Ultra–Mini Sprayer is a professional grade spray system that is great for countless applications of Ultra–Ever Dry. It is disposable, recyclable, easy to clean, and, best of all, no compressor is needed. The Ultra–Mini Sprayer's venturi vacuum process pulls Ultra–Ever Dry from the refillable container and delivers a professional–grade spray stream to virtually any surface. Easy replacement and clean–up with interchangeable and disposable parts. Includes a set of two Ultra–Mini Sprayers — US Version.SPECIFICATIONS2 mini sprayers2 lbs.
Ultra-Mini Sprayer Replacement Cartridges
UltraTech Ultra-Mini Sprayer Replacement Cartridges $136.11
Manufacturer: UltraTech, Manufacturer Part Number: 4126Set of 12 Ultra–Mini Sprayer Replacement Cartridges, US Version. For use in our Ultra–Mini Sprayer (item 4122).SPECIFICATIONS12 replacement cartridges4 lbs.
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