Group Lockout View Boxes with Slide Cover


Group Lockout View Boxes with Slide Cover

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Manufacturer: Accuform

Manufacturer Part Number: KCC633

Spill 911 Part Number: KCC633

Product description
Manufacturer: Accuform, Manufacturer Part Number: KCC633

Group Lockout View Boxes. See the lock and see all the keys involved in a lockout station – yet keep them lock away. Full size, visible yellow group lock box has a clear cover to show the keys from a lockout job. Inside, the box has 16 hooks to hang such keys. The edge of the cover has holes that match those on the box. Padlocks (sold separately) placed through these holes prevent removal of the cover – which accommodates up to 27 padlock associated to workers involved. A padlock on means worker on the job, and padlock removed signifies that worker has completed their portion of the job. However, there is no access to the keys of the lockout devices until the last padlock is removed – with the bottom center hole generally for the supervisor's padlock as the last to remove for inspection of work before lockout release. 10 1/2"h x 12 3/4"w x 3 3/8"d box is made of impact resistant polycarbonate. Features two rear mounting holes and top slot in the cover to drop in additional keys, once a lockout procedre has already started. Choose hinge cover and slide cover styles. Slide cover glides along a channel to further secure the cover in place.

STYLE: Slide Cover

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