Preferred Barrel Top - Model 22866
Sellars Preferred Barrel Top - Model 22866 $46.33
Manufacturer: Sellars, Manufacturer Part Number: 22866Eversoak Preferred Heavy-Weight Barrel Top Pads absorb oil, water, grease, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluids, antifreeze/coolants, and many other fluids. They are twice as absorbent as the leading competitors' heavy weight oil absorbent pads (lad tested per EDANA 10.4-02) which will help cut your oil absorbent barrel top usage in half. They will also cut the amount of time spent replacing oil absorbent barrel tops in half. These barrel tops are made with 80% recycled cellulose fibers to create superior absorbency and a more cost effective alternative than oil based polypropylene sorbent barrel tops. Eversoak Preferred Barrel Tops are also a Class A fire retardant (lab tested per ASTM E84) but can be incinerated. Color - Grey, Barrel Top Size - 22" diameter, Barrel Tops per Case - 10. Contains 80% Recycled Fibers.
Universal Drum Topper
SpillTech Universal Drum Topper $52.94
Manufacturer: SpillTech, Manufacturer Part Number: GTOPSOAK UP DRUM LEAKAGE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Drum Toppers prevent drum messes and slippery floors by keeping fluids in their place. When the pad gets dirty, just replace muss, no fuss. Keep drum areas neat and clean while avoiding expensive cleaning time. Mat specially designed to absorb most liquids Cut to perfectly fit any 55 gallon drum Soiled topper is wringable and incinerable Keeps drums neat and clean Improves plant safety SPECIFICATIONSAbsorbs 52 oz./topper, 10 gal./cs - 5 lbs.25 toppers22" Dia
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