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Electrical Safety Option: DVD
Accuform Electrical Safety Option: DVD $462.35
Manufacturer: Accuform, Manufacturer Part Number: STK507Safety Meeting Kits. Hold topical safety meetings with help from teaching kits on various workplace safety subjects. Maintain a safe work environment by training, educating, and informing employees on issues of safety. The kits have the necessary elements needed to conduct a safety meeting and promote a safety program. Each kit contains a video tape (14 – 16 minutes), 5 posters, and 30 employee handbooks. There are reproducible master sheet forms for schedule/ attendance and quizzes.SPECIFICATIONSOPTION: DVD
Lockout Procedure Station Binders
Accuform Lockout Procedure Station Binders $27.84
Manufacturer: Accuform, Manufacturer Part Number: KSS146Lockout Procedure Station Binders
Lockout/Tagout Compliance Manual
Accuform Lockout/Tagout Compliance Manual $204.53
Manufacturer: Accuform, Manufacturer Part Number: KTP725Lockout / Tagout Compliance Manual. Understand and comply with OSHA's Lockout/Tagout standard. The manual contains the background of the Lockout/Tagout regulation, the 29 CFR 910.147 standard, major compliance requirements, general concepts and procedures, "fill in the blanks" energy control program, and more. Filling in the blanks on the energy control program forms will help you to create a written program for implementing lockout/tagout in your facility.
Lockout/Tagout Safety Training Program
Accuform Lockout/Tagout Safety Training Program $574.23
Manufacturer: Accuform, Manufacturer Part Number: KTP316Lockout/Tagout Safety Training Program. Train, educate and inform employees of proper lockout safety procedures. Provide OSHA–required training for the "control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout)" under the 29 CFR, Part 1910.147. The program is an overview on the purpose and application of the Lockout/Tagout Standard. Program includes a video and supporting documents for required lockout/tagout training. The video contains "risk scenarios" with quizzes throughout that refer back to the Standard and shows the result from the risk if there is disregard for the lockout/tagout procedure.SPECIFICATIONSOPTION: DVD
Snap Tight Lockout Procedures
Accuform Snap Tight Lockout Procedures $27.54
Manufacturer: Accuform, Manufacturer Part Number: PST118Snap TightTM Lockout Procedures. Display and protect your lockout/tagout procedures in a Snap TightTM Pocket Frame. Sheet contains standard steps and instructions for a lockout/tagout program. The printed 8 1/2" x 11" sheet is inserted into the sub–surface clear frame. Frame is injection–molded polycarbonate plastic made to withstand industrial environments, yet has attractive smooth, rounded corners and edges – ideal for any location. Can withstand impacts and abuses. The two clear plastic pieces 'snap' together for a secure fit. Overall size is 9 5/8" x 12 1/16" x 3/16" thin. Has four 7/32" corner mounting holes. Snap TightTM Pocket is designed to change out the contents as often or as little as necessary. With a slight 'twist–flex', the back piece snaps out to remove and replace the sheet.
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