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BioRem-2000 Solvent Safety Spill Kit
Clift Industries BioRem-2000 Solvent Safety Spill Kit $125.00
Manufacturer: Clift Industries, Manufacturer Part Number: 8009-005Elevate your Flashpoint! This easy to use micro–powdered spill kit not only absorbs but elevates your flashpoint to above 60°C, which significantly reduces your flammability. It will rapidly absorb and contain spills along with reducing hazardous vapors caused by solvent spills. Works on most common hydrocarbon solvents, fuel spills and reagents. There is minimized waste and residue for disposal plus clean–up is safe and easy unlike activated charcoal. Self–contained kit makes it easy to carry, store and use. Brightly colored for easy identification.Each kit includes: 2 gallons of BioRem–2000 Super Absorbent, 32 ounces of BioRem–2000 Surface Cleaner, Final Clean–Up Wipes, safety gloves, safety goggles, whisk broom with dust pan, disposal bags with ties, MSDS and instructions.SPECIFICATIONS25 lbs.1 kit5 Gallon Bucket
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