Multi Purpose Spill Kits

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Eco>Absorb Bio Hazard Kit

Manufacturer: Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Manufacturer Part Number: ECO-BIO-KTThe Eco>Absorb™ Bio Hazard Kit is compact and allows for the removal of hazardous waste like blood, vomit and urine. Kit includes non-latex disposable...
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Multi-Purpose Spill Clean-Up Kit

Manufacturer: Safetec, Manufacturer Part Number: 15201THE PORTABLE SOLUTION!Our MultiPurpose Spill CleanUp Kit solidifies gallons of various spills. The easy to carry and store molded plastic case fits easily behind a...
$100 to $250All

Spill Leader Kit

Manufacturer: Safetec, Manufacturer Part Number: 15205Emergency Response Within Reach. Our wall mount Spill Leader Kit is perfect for emergency response or hazardous lab spills. It is a Solid Solutions approach...