Eco>Absorb 1 Cubic Foot Bag
Eco-Absorbent Technologies Eco>Absorb 1 Cubic Foot Bag - 48 Bags Total $799.94
Manufacturer: Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Manufacturer Part Number: ECO-1HCFT-DFNonToxic and 100% Landfill Safe!Eco>Absorb completely cleans any spill, leaving no residue, stain or odor behind. Eco>Absorb can absorb all paints, gas, motor oils, automotive fluids, body fluids including vomit or blood, grease and all chemicals except hydrofluoric acid. This lightweight superabsorbent cuts down on clean up time, disposal fees and leaves no residue behind. This OMRI listed and NSF Certified absorbent is safe in the home and workplace. Eco>Absorb is nontoxic and tested by EPA standards for landfill safety. Absorbs up to 6x its own weight and 15x more than clay absorbents Light weight powder; convenient size for moderate spills at work or home Absorbs instantly and leaves no slippery residue; minimizes slip & fall accidents Extremely efficient and effective ***This price is for a half Pallet (48 Bags)***  ***MINIMUM Order is 48 BAGS*** *** Please Contact Us for FULL pallet Pricing (96 Bags/pallet)*** SPECIFICATIONSAbsorbs 7 gal./bag - 13 lbs.1 bag1 Cu Ft Bag
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