Viton Gasket for Aerosolv System


Viton Gasket for Aerosolv System

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Manufacturer: Justrite

Manufacturer Part Number: 28111

Spill 911 Part Number: 28111

Product description
Manufacturer: Justrite, Manufacturer Part Number: 28111

Aerosolv is the safe and economical way to dispose of aerosol cans. Safe, convenient and compliant, Aerosolv provides an easy–to–use, effective method of relieving pressure in spent aerosol cans. It changes them from solid hazardous waste to a non–hazardous, fully–recyclable state. This eliminates the expense of solid waste disposal of aerosol cans. Every 100 cans punctured and emptied by Aerosolv increases recyclable scrap metal by 25 lb. and reduces solid waste by 10 cubic feet, making Aerosolv extremely cost–effective. As an added benefit, residual liquids may be eligible for reclamation or recycling, resulting in "waste–minimization credits". The contents of over 4,000 spent aerosols may be collected in just one 55–gallon drum.

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