Aerosolv Dual Compliant System


Aerosolv Dual Compliant System

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Manufacturer: Aerosolv

Manufacturer Part Number: 28231

Spill 911 Part Number: 28231

Product description
Manufacturer: Justrite, Aerosolv, Manufacturer Part Number: 28231


Same benefits of original Aerosolv® Super System including a poly containment sump pan for under drainage drum, padlock w/key, combination coalescing/colormetric carbon filter w/check valve, anti-static ground wire w/C-clamp and safety goggles..

The Aerosolv® 7000 XL Dual-Compliant aerosol can recycling system safely and efficiently disposes of aerosol cans while complying with the California Universal Waste Rule. The Aerosolv 7000XL System includes all the great features of the Aerosolv 7000 Super Aerosol Can Recycling System plus a shut-off valve in the puncturing unit and a check valve in the carbon cartridge to prevent off-gassing. A poly lid cover and a poly containment sump help you stay compliant whether you are accumulating or transporting processed aerosol cans for scrap. The unit also includes an Aerosolv 7163 combination coalescing colormetric carbon filter, a padlock with key, anti-static ground wire with C-clamp, and safety goggles.

The Combination Coalescing/Carbon Filter threads into the ¾" bung and is comprised of two parts. The lower Coalescing portion removes airborne liquid while the replaceable, upper Activated Carbon portion adsorbs hydrocarbons and odor.

A variety of replacement filters and parts are also available.

25 lbs.
1 aerosolv dual compliant system

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