Aerosolv 360 System

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Manufacturer: Aerosolv, Manufacturer Part Number: 28100Aerosolv ® 360 Aerosol Can Recycling System Safe, easy way to transform aerosol cans into recyclable steel — minimize waste and reduce disposal costs Enclosed...
  • Manufacturer: Aerosolv

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 28100

  • Spill 911 Part Number: 28100

12 lbs.
1 Aerosolv 360 System
Manufacturer: Aerosolv, Manufacturer Part Number: 28100

Aerosolv ® 360 Aerosol Can Recycling System

Safe, easy way to transform aerosol cans into recyclable steel — minimize waste and reduce disposal costs

  • Enclosed system—dual seal chamber eliminates the potential for content spray back, prevents VOC release and reduces gunk build up
  • High-efficiency combination coalescing carbon filter captures odors, and prevents potentially harmful VOCs from being released into the air—extended filter life reduces change outs to save time and money
  • Alignment cone and two-way pressure controlled, non-sparking vent pin offers the most efficient point of puncture—greatly reduces cleanup and minimizes maintenance
  • Intuitive, ergonomic activation wheel design is easy to use, and with no lever handle extending over the side of the drum, removes the chance for snagged clothing or tipped drums

  • Ideal for high volume applications, the Aerosolv 360 system safely converts spent aerosol cans from solid hazardous waste to a non-hazardous, recyclable material. Threading directly into a standard 2-in (51-mm) bung on a 30- (110-liter) or 55-gallon (200-liter) drum, the housing accommodates a wide variety of the most common sized cans, including domed mini, standard, and jumbo. Sleek design with no protruding lever handle—mechanical activation wheel with rack and pinion gear increases torque making can processing easy and fast. Integrated lock out system prevents unauthorized use and tamper-proof retention plate secures the unit to the drum. Non-sparking puncture pin pierces the can and directs the liquid flow straight into the drum for a quick, controlled evacuation. Special non-stick coating on housing minimizes static transfer to the unit while at the same time reduces clean up.

    Attach the two-stage high-efficiency combination filter to the ¾-in (19-mm) bung to capture VOCs from any remaining propellants. Replaceable, proprietary polymer coalescer in filter base captures the residual liquid in the gas before it reaches the activated carbon, helping extend the life of the filter. The top activated carbon filter cartridge features adsorption indicator which reacts to the adsorption of VOCs to indicate when the filter cartridge is ready for replacement. Built-in counter tracks system use for maintenance. System also includes safety goggles and an anti-static ground wire with alligator clip.

    One 55-gallon (200-liter) drum holds approximately 4,000 spent aerosol cans. Punctured, discharged, cans do not meet the definition of hazardous waste per EPA 40 CFR 261.23(a)(6), and thus can be treated as recyclable scrap metal. EPA compliant.

    12 lbs.
    1 Aerosolv 360 System