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Manufacturer: GoBagger, Manufacturer Part Number: GOBAGGERTHE REVOLUTIONARY FLOOD FIGHTING TOOL. Poly Bags? Burlap Bags? – Any Kind of Bag! Any Size! Wet or Dry Sand? – NO PROBLEM! The GoBagger®...
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Rapid Response Flood Kit

Manufacturer: GoBagger, Manufacturer Part Number: 6/GOBAGGERSWHEN TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Our Rapid Response Flood Kit was designed for plant personnel and communities in need of an urgent response to flood situations....
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Manufacturer: Saddleback, Manufacturer Part Number: 14"X26"EMPTY SANDBAGS Our empty sandbags are made of tough woven polypropylene. They measure 14" x 26" and come complete with a tie string. 1600 hour...
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Ultra-Aqua Bags (15-Pack)

Manufacturer: UltraTech, Manufacturer Part Number: 5400Sandless sandbags protect property against floods, leaks, and other liquid emergencies For many years, the sandbag has been the predominant method of controlling floodwaters and...