GoBagger GoBagger $310.08
Manufacturer: GoBagger, Manufacturer Part Number: GOBAGGERTHE REVOLUTIONARY FLOOD FIGHTING TOOL. Poly Bags? Burlap Bags? – Any Kind of Bag! Any Size! Wet or Dry Sand? – NO PROBLEM! The GoBagger® works with any kind of bag or fill that you have. Since the beginning...if you wanted to fill sand bags for flood emergencies, it was a two man job...one to hold the bag and one to shovel sand into the bag. It use to take three to four shovel loads to fill one bag – which is way too slow and tedious. NOT ANYMORE...now there's GoBagger®. Just Three Easy Steps Load and grip the sandbag Scoop the sand into the unit Lift, release and reload SPECIFICATIONS1 unit7 lbs.
Rapid Response Flood Kit
GoBagger Rapid Response Flood Kit $1,939.00
Manufacturer: GoBagger, Manufacturer Part Number: 6/GOBAGGERSWHEN TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Our Rapid Response Flood Kit was designed for plant personnel and communities in need of an urgent response to flood situations. This kit includes 6 GoBaggers® and a bale of 1,000 polypropylene sandbags. With minimally trained personnel, these 1,000 bags can be filled and placed in JUST ONE HOUR, at a cost that will substantially pay for itself the first time. This is the simplest, most portable, versatile and cost–effective bag filling system available – ANYWHERE! The GoBagger® can be used by one person, eliminating the normal two–man operation required by the old bag–and–shovel routine. Protect your plant or community with the safest, most failsafe flood–fighting solution available today.SPECIFICATIONS1 kit137 lbs.
Saddleback Sandbags $500.00
Manufacturer: Saddleback, Manufacturer Part Number: 14"X26"EMPTY SANDBAGS Our empty sandbags are made of tough woven polypropylene. They measure 14" x 26" and come complete with a tie string. 1600 hour UV treatment helps endure any type of weather! Conveniently packaged in a case of 100 bags.SPECIFICATIONS14" x 26"100 bags10 lbs.
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