Mercury Eater Safety Spill Kit
Clift Industries Mercury Eater Safety Spill Kit $70.00
Manufacturer: Clift Industries, Manufacturer Part Number: 3900-002Self–Contained, Reusable and Complete! A multi–use self–contained mercury clean up kit containing everything needed to contain, remove and decontaminate all stages of mercury spill clean–up. Provides a quick, effective and safe method of handling all sizes of mercury spills in labs, manufacturing facilities and anywhere else they may occur. Removes mercury from work surfaces, including bench tops, floors and hard–to–reach areas such as cracks and crevices. Absorbs visible mercury while suppressing the hazardous vapors. Easy to use with step by step directions. Packaged in a sturdy, easily recognized and reusable container with an easy entry screw–top lid. Transforms mercury into a zinc amalgam which, depending on local regulations, may be landfilled. Each mercury spill kit includes: 1,800 grams of Mercury Eater, Mercury Eater Final Wipes, safety gloves, safety goggles, whisk broom with dust pan, disposal bags with ties, MSDS and instructionsSPECIFICATIONS20 lbs.1 kit1 Gallon Bucket
Mercury Spill Kit, MERC-KIT2
SpillTech Mercury Spill Kit, MERC-KIT2 $95.00
Manufacturer: SpillTech, Manufacturer Part Number: MERC-KIT2Mercury Spill Kit 1 each/package 10" L x 7" W x 9" H Be prepared for safer cleanup and vapor suppression with this specialized spill kit.Mercury absorbent powder transforms up to 1,000 grams of visible mercury into a zinc amalgamLimit worker exposure by suppressing hazardous mercury vaporsSweep up stabilized mercury with hand broom and dust pan for easy transfer into disposal bags (broom, pan and bags all included)Lightweight, 100% polyethylene container resists chemicalsScrew-on lid makes it easy to access suppliesPPE (included) helps guard against hazardous materialsDecontaminate hands, tools and surfaces with mercury cleanup wipers Each Kit Includes: 1 - Mercury Absorbent Powder 1 - Goggles 1 - 18 mil. Latex Gloves 1 - Mercury Cleanup Wipers 1 - Dust Pan & Hand Broom 1 - Disposal BagSPECIFICATIONSShipping Weight - 5 lbs.1 kitShipping Dims: 9" x 10.75" x 10.5"
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